In the far future, an endless war has ravaged the earth for nearly a century. At the height of the conflict, the unexpected happened: a massive alien ship crash-landed in eastern Canada, sinking the island of Montreal. Though none of the octopoid alien crew survived the crash, the excavation team recovered a handful as highly-advanced robotic warriors among the wreckage. Initially nobody could determine how to pilot the massive robots since they seemed only to function through the synchronized movements of their eight-limbed creators, until two brilliant scientists realized that their combined number of appendages would allow them to pilot one robot together. Due to this discovery, and the massive power of the alien robots, the Canadian army was able to quickly bring about a peaceful resolution to all conflicts. With no more wars to fight, the combat-designed robots were repurposed for entertainment, and the most popular sport of all-time was born. Now, live from the newly build floating city of Neo-Montreal, it's time for MIXED ROBOT MARTIAL ARTS!

Prepare to experience the ultimate Cooperative/Competitive fighting game! You and a partner take control of a giant robotic fighter! You must both work together to perform the elaborate body movements required for your robot to attack. 

Controllers are HIGHLY recommended for this game (use the included control guide to map your controller buttons to the correct keys)

Concept and Design: Nick Kornek

Programming: Nick Kornek and Brent Burelle

Writing: Nick Kornek

Art and Animation: Melisa Hadzic, Sarah Quirion, and Nick Kornek

AND THE REST OF CART 498H (Class of Winter 2013)!