Unreal Engine 4
[Rogue Factor]

A reimagining of Games Workshop's tabletop game of the same name, Necromunda: Underhive Wars is a hardcore turn-based strategy game with great focus on multiplayer and tactical thinking.

I helped create modular content usable for level design usable across the entire production and I created levels using in-house tools, fleshing out the environment and player experience through use of said modular content.

The game is awaiting a 2019 release on PC, XBox One and Playstation 4.



Unity & Unreal Engine 4
[Minority Media Inc.]

Lazy Boy is an Augmented Reality interactive experience that lets users discover a miniature village of attaching beings called "Lazy Boys" and interact with them in several ways and observe direct impact and consequences of such interactions.

In the several iterations of the prototypes development during which I was involved, I took charge of project management, maintaining documentation, coordinating the team efforts and of course participated in building and pacing the entire experience hand-in-hand the team. I helped with project integration to smooth game engine transition and developped new ideas to present for project evolution and continuation given specific restrictions.

No release time has been confirmed for this project.



Unreal Engine 4
[Minority Media Inc.]

Chaos Jump Squad is a cooperative and competitive VR game where a group of up to 4 players confront an army of robots by jumping through time and space, looting treasures to reach high scores and engaging in dynamic shootouts to destroy enemies.

I was heavily involved in the R&D efforts of the project and its prototyping endeavors during which took charge of creating levels, challenges, puzzles and balancing of the experience. I coordinated the efforts with the vision presented by the project leadership and helped shape the gameplay by adjusting enemy behavior, problematics for the players to explore and solve as well as populating the levels.

Chaos Jump Squad was released as an Oculus Rift commercial, fixed-location VR entertainment package in 2018.



[Minority Media Inc.]

Based on their immersive previous work Time Machine VR, Time Machine VR: Monsters of the Sea was a mobile rail shooter adaptation that allowed the player to discover a large number of prehistoric underwater creatures and rack up high scores by tagging the different animals that showed themselves on screen through the selections of levels offered.

I was in charge of one level's design, integration and balancing as a helping hand during the late development stages of the project. I coordinated my efforts with the design lead and put together an experience that met expectations.

Time Machine VR: Monsters of the Sea was released on Gear VR at the end of 2017.



[Minority Media Inc.]

Niwîchewákan - which translates to "My Friend" - is a virtual reality education game that was created within Minority Media's Schoolu division in close collaboration with the Cree School Board. The experiences is a tool for children to learn the Cree language through reading and writing in a series of minigames.

I largely helped with asset and tool integration as well as coordinating the cinematic and interactive events present through the experience in each level, supporting the efforts of the lead designer. This was done in part by maintaining and responding to design documentation in place to pace the project.

Niwîchewákan was released in November 2016 for HTC Vive.



Unreal Engine 4
[Minority Media Inc.]

Time Machine VR puts you in the shoes of a time-traveling cadet who must uncover a secret of the past in order to cure a lethal virus spreading and decimating all of mankind in the future. It does so through VR headsets to transport the player across an underwater exploration game that allows them to learn about prehistoric creatures in an up close and personal manner all at their own pace.

As my starting position in the industry I immediately was given responsibility to handle gameplay demo builds for presentations, development of gameplay prototypes, maintenance, construction and communication of design documentation as well as help solidify the scripting architecture and features. I aided in implementations of new features, tools and content as well as started designing the levels of the latter half of the game. I then took charge of designing a sizable portion of an additional game mode and helped with the development of the in-game encyclopedia. I also supported the porting and localization efforts to console.

Time Machine VR was released in 2016 on PC, then on Playstation 4 later that same year.