I can't really remember a time where I wasn't playing some sort of game system in my free time, given the chance. In fact, gaming has been a cornerstone of my existence ever since I was big enough to hold a controller in my tiny hands and I grew up with it; it's almost like it raised me.  So when came a time where I realized I could  share my passion with others and create wonders and amazement like the ones I had the chance to grow up playing, I immediately set out on my journey.

I think never forgetting what it's like to be a player - all kinds of player - is the key to becoming a good Designer.

Coming from a background in Psychology, I studied at Centre NAD where I proudly learned the trade and eventually found my true passion in Game Design at the end of the program. I have since then developed a habit and love for thinking up interesting projects and am currently working on my own board game, tabletop RPG system and having a really hard time not coming up with ideas for new games and systems. I particularly enjoy creating content that provides a visceral, in-depth and satisfying experience as well as thinking out of the box to give a powerful feeling to the player.

Further sharing my love and passion for video games, I also have a hobby of hosting my gaming adventures on YouTube and Twitch as the Backlog Knight.