In the distant future, when climate change has caused the glaciers to melt and flood the land, and sea creatures have inherited the Earth, FishSport is born. Super-evolved sea creatures, finding human detritus (including sports' rulebooks and wartime technology), invent the ultimate sport, combining rules from American football, Soccer, Basketball, and the violence of Hockey with machines that let them "devolve" other creatures down to their more basic forms. 

Welcome to FishSport!

FishSport is a game for 4 players (2-player teams). Games last 4 rounds. There are 2 balls - one per team. Score by shooting the ball into the opposing team's net. 1 point per standard goal; 3 points for a scoring from behind the line. Teams can only score with their own ball.

Each team has an attacker (crab and cuttlefish) and a defender (shark and dolphin). Attackers are better at scoring, and defenders are effective as goalkeepers. Before each quarter, each team gets to place a De-Res machine. These powerful defenses nullify your opponents' attack or defense bonuses within a small area.

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Latest Update - Version

- Fixed a bug where accessing the how to play screen would crash the game

- Fixed a bug where quitting to the main menu would sometimes close the game

Previous Update - Version 1.0.1

- Added additional animations to the Cuttlefish

Concept & Design: Nick Kornek, Jessica Rose Marcotte, Jana Sloan Van Geest

Programming: Nick Kornek

Art: Jessica Rose Marcotte

Sound Design: Jana Sloan Van Geest

Original Music: Michael J. Marcotte

FishSport was developed for Global Game Jam 2014

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