Winner of GAMERella 2013!

Winner of GAMERella 2013!

Enter the exciting world of composting! Play as a worm charged with the responsibility of turning leftover food into high quality fertilizer. Every night more food will get added to your and every morning the bottom layer of compost will be taken out for gardening. Hone your skills in single-player mode and then challenge your friends to a multiplayer game where the real challenge lies. Unleash devastating power-ups on your opponents and become a master of the bin!

The creators recommend plugging your computer into a TV and connecting a second keyboard to face off against each other and find out who rules the compost bin. Get ready to make your friends "Eat Dirt!

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Gameplay Tips:

  • Worms are controlled asteroids style
  • Never stop moving, never stop eating!
  • Powerups are the key to your success in multiplayer

Concept & Design: Nick Kornek and Jessica Rose Marcotte

Programming: Nick Kornek

Art Assets: Jessica Rose Marcotte

Sound Design: Jana Sloan Van Geest

With Special Thanks to TAG Research Lab and Critical Hit for hosting the amazing GAMERella game jam where this game was made.


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