β€œAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

                                         - Arthur C. Clarke


Wizards and aliens are locked in an eternal war!

During a school field trip to Earth, you and your friends are ambushed by a dastardly wizard. In the chaos, one of your own is magically turned into a wizard as well!

A Fistful of Wizards is a frenzied 4-Player party game of wizard-avoidance. Whichever player is the wizard must attempt to catch the others before they become so annoyed with their own predicament that they are forced to beam back to the mother ship. As the wizard, the other players move faster than you, so you must rely on an arsenal of powerful magic to gain your advantage.


Controllers are highly recommended (the game will automatically switch to gamepad controls when available)

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Latest Update - Version 1.0.2

- Game balance: Wizards move slightly faster

- Fixed a bug where spells sometimes wouldn't charge properly when low on mana

- Tweaked collision detection for obstacles to make movement easier

- Fixed a bug where the pillars of fish sometimes wouldn't be created properly

Previous Update - Version

- Game balance: Wizards can no longer be stunned by the cowboy's shots

- Fixed a bug where Player 1 was unable to cast certain spells

- Improved the appearance and animation for several particle effects

- Fixed some minor typos in the quiz

Concept & Design: Nick Kornek, Jessica Rose Marcotte, Jana Sloan Van Geest

Programming: Nick Kornek

Art: Jessica Rose Marcotte

Sound Design: Jana Sloan Van Geest

Original Music: Zachary Soares and Jessica Rose Marcotte


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